Bone Grafting

If you are seeking dental implants to replace any missing teeth, you may need a bone graft prior to the placement of your implants. Some patients that want dental implants may not have enough bone in the jaw to effectively support the implant posts. Luckily, our doctor and his experienced team are here to help you achieve a functional and beautiful smile with a preparatory bone grafting procedure.

What is Bone Grafting?

When a tooth falls out, the body naturally reabsorbs bone tissues, leading to further bone loss in the jaw. Patients that wear dentures or have had other dental restorations may have experienced bone loss, too. Bone grafts add bone tissue where it is needed in order to stabilize and strengthen areas that have deteriorated. 

During a bone grafting procedure, we take advantage of the body’s natural ability to produce bone. When new bone is placed next to existing bone, fusion begins, and these tissues conjoin and become a permanent part of the jaw. This advancement can help your jaw be able to support dental implants and give you a healthy, functional smile once again.

What types of bone grafting surgeries are there?

Depending on your specific needs, one of the following bone grafting procedures will be needed:

  • Ridge Preservation with Tooth Extraction 
  • Ridge Augmentation Bone Graft
  • Sinus Lift Bone Graft

Every patient is unique, and at Hoffner Elite Dentistry, we treat you as such. During your scheduled consultation, we will evaluate the current state of bone loss in your mouth and determine the proper treatment plan for your needs.

Bone Grafting in Findlay

\If you want to make your dream smile a reality with dental implants but have significant bone loss, a bone graft is the best option. We will work with you throughout the entire process in order to ensure your bone graft is successful for your implant procedure. Please contact our team today at 419-424-5850 to schedule your consultation

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