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The total oral health of your child’s mouth matters to our doctor and our team. As such, we know the unique needs children have in terms of dental procedures–and we provide the best and most effective treatment plans for their long-term development.

For children with teeth damaged by decay or breaks, dental crowns are the perfect tooth replacement solution. Crowns mimic the appearance and feel of a natural tooth, giving your child both the protection their teeth need and a healthy, restored smile.

What is a Dental Crown?

For children and adults, dental crowns both repair damage to natural teeth and restore the appearance of your smile. 

For example, if a pediatric patient experiences a significant break to one of their baby teeth, a stainless steel or zirconia tooth crown can be attached. Additionally, for a patient with a substantial cavity, using a large filling is not the recommended solution for a primary tooth. 

Dental crowns are also an excellent preventative measure for treatments such as root canals. If a crack, chip or decay is left untreated in a tooth, infection can spread deeper into the soft tissues of a tooth’s roots. 

Since baby teeth are ultimately replaced by permanent adult teeth, it is especially important to protect them from risk of infection or further decay.

What is the Dental Crown Placement Process Like for Children?

While dental crowns accomplish similar goals for both adult and pediatric patients, the placement process looks different given the specific needs of children. Overall, placing a dental crown for a pediatric patient is a much quicker process that only takes one visit.

To start, our doctor will apply anesthetic to your child’s mouth to numb it. If the tooth has any decay, this will first be treated and removed before the crown is placed.

From here, the tooth will be prepared to fit a crown that works with tooth size and the natural alignment of your child’s bite. Different sizes of crowns will be used to find the perfect fit. Once the proper crown size is found, permanent dental cement is used to place and secure the crown.

While it may initially feel strange to your child to have a “new” tooth in their mouth, our team is very careful to find the correct size and shape. We find that most patients adjust to their new tooth within two days.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last for Children?

Unlike dental crowns for adult patients, crowns for children are only supposed to last until the affected baby tooth falls out and is replaced by a permanent adult tooth. This usually happens between the ages of 11 and 13.

Applying a dental crown to a child’s tooth will not negatively impact the development of their adult teeth. Instead, it protects the developing baby tooth and future permanent tooth from further damage, decay or disease.

In order for this preservation process to be successful, though, your child must properly care for their dental crown. This includes brushing their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, maintaining regular dental hygiene appointments and wearing an athletic mouthguard when playing contact sports or doing physical activities that may damage teeth.

If your child experiences a crack, chip or injury to their crown, call us at 419-424-5850 to schedule an appointment for a replacement.

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