Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, is essential for protecting tooth enamel in both children and adults. As a child’s teeth develop, making sure they have strong enamel to protect against decay is of utmost importance. 

At Hoffner Elite Dentistry, we incorporate these treatments into regular hygiene appointments for children after they turn one. They are an essential component of pediatric preventative dentistry.

Why is Fluoride Treatment Important for Children?

Fluoride acts as a protective agent that strengthens tooth enamel. The enamel of teeth is what protects them against decay and developing cavities over time. 

The stronger and more protected a child’s enamel, the lower their risk of dental cavities and needing treatment like a dental filling, root canal or gum disease procedures as their teeth fully develop.

Fluoride treatments also provide an extra layer of protection for children impacted by any of the following:

  • Tooth decay
  • Poor oral health and hygiene habits
  • Sensitive or exposed tooth roots
  • Limited exposure to fluoride, like in a town’s drinking water supply
  • Issues with natural saliva production
  • Pits on the chewing surfaces of teeth

Time is key for developing a protective fluoride layer on the teeth. This is why it’s so important that your child regularly brushes their teeth twice a day and takes care of their oral health outside of the dentist’s office.

What Happens During a Pediatric Fluoride Treatment?

The fluoride treatment we administer at Hoffner Elite Dentistry is a much higher concentration than what is in the toothpaste you and your child use at home. As dental health professionals, we are experienced in safely applying these treatments for children.

Treatments often come in gel, foam or as a varnish. For children, these materials are often flavored. We will apply this material directly to your child’s teeth for a set amount of time and then clean it off. The entire process is very quick. Immediately after treatment, have your child avoid eating or drinking anything for 30 minutes.

To provide optimal protection for your child’s enamel, closely monitor their brushing and flossing–especially after they start doing both for themselves.

Is Fluoride Treatment Safe for my Child?

Fluoride is completely safe for application to your teeth. Most major cities and states add fluoride to their drinking water as a natural dental health supplement for residents. 

Despite not being dangerous, excessive amounts of fluoride can cause staining to the teeth. Make sure your children do not swallow or eat toothpaste while brushing.

Looking for Fluoride Treatments in Findlay?

We’re always welcoming new patients to our practice and love helping children start their oral health journey. At Hoffner Elite Dentistry, our team specializes in preventative dentistry for children. 

Call our office at 419-424-5850 to discuss fluoride treatments for your child. We look forward to seeing your family soon!

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