Space Maintainers

Sometimes your child may lose a tooth too soon due to decay or an accident. Protecting and maintaining this space in their mouth is essential to prevent space loss when permanent teeth arrive. 

With the help of a space maintainer from the trusted experts at Hoffner Elite Dentistry, we can ensure that your child’s mouth will have enough room for all their teeth to grow properly.

When Should My Child Get a Space Maintainer?

Losing baby teeth is a normal, natural and healthy part of a child’s oral health development. However, losing baby teeth too early can lead to drifting, shifting, overcrowding and tilting as adult teeth erupt and develop. 

The most common reasons we see for premature loss of baby teeth include:

  • Severe infection and decay of teeth
  • Trauma to the teeth, like a crack or fracture
  • Teeth that never developed or came in since birth
  • Preexisting and underlying health issues

What Are the Types of Space Maintainers?

We offer a variety of space maintainers to suit your child’s needs. Our team will consider your child’s unique situation and determine which style is best for their treatment plan. The major types we offer include a band and loop maintainer and a lingual arch. 

A band and loop maintainer is made of stainless steel wire and held in place by either a crown or a band on the tooth next to the empty space. The wire is attached to the crown or loop and rests on the side of the tooth.

A lingual arch is used on the lower teeth when the back teeth on both sides of the jaw are lost. The wire is placed on the tongue side of the arch and attached to the tooth in front of the open space. This helps prevent teeth from shifting back into the open space.

Will a Space Maintainer Hurt My Child?

No matter the procedure, your child’s comfort is our priority! Our expert pediatric team at Hoffner Elite Dentistry is specifically trained to treat the dental needs of children and to help young patients feel relaxed and at ease throughout treatment. 

Placing a space maintainer causes no pain, and the most challenging part of the process for a child is simply adjusting to a new device in their mouth. We will ensure that the space maintainer fits comfortably for your child, works properly and does not cause any discomfort. 

As far as caring for the device goes, it is important for your child to avoid sticky foods to ensure the space maintainer is not damaged. Also, please encourage your child to not push or pull on the device with their tongue or fingers. 

Proper brushing and flossing are also essential so plaque will not build up on the device.

Looking for Space Maintainers in Findlay?

We are here to help guarantee the children of Findlay have lifetimes of healthy smiles. With our space maintainers and caring team, we will make the entire oral health journey easy and comfortable for you and your child. 

If your child loses a tooth too early, or you would like to schedule a consultation and speak with our helpful team, please call us today at 419-424-5850.

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