Bone grafting and Sinus Augmentation Surgery

Bone grafts and sinus lifts are somewhat different, but are used to accomplish the same basic task. These treatments are used to provide a solid, strong platform upon which a dental implant can be placed.

A bone graft utilizes a piece of bone from an animal, donor tissue, or from elsewhere on your own body, which is placed into the gumline in a brief surgical procedure, then allowed to heal.

A sinus lift is similar, but is used on the upper teeth. An opening is made in the gum tissue, the sinus membrane is lifted, and bone powder is packed into the area. This bone will integrate with the surrounding tissue over time to strengthen it.

The most common reason that a patient may need a bone graft or sinus lift is due to the deterioration of their natural jaw and gum tissue after tooth loss. Once a natural tooth is lost, the underlying tissue is no longer protected or stimulated, and will begin to recede and weaken

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